Your Invitation

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Come, Let Us Think Together

The global economic-social-political-ecological situation is dire, requiring everyone's creative contributions for recovery and further progress.   

This page, Your Invitation, is a gallery of stirring and sobering — at times, convicting — insights for planetary recovery and regeneration. The collection is intended for personal reflection, as well as for group and public discussions. The aim is to engage everyone's creative intelligence in vital conversations and crucial actions to:


  1. Resolve the life-threatening crises the world is facing.
  2. Build a viable, ecologically-regenerative, humanly-fulfilling global civilization and planetary future that are a tribute to our generation and a worthy legacy to future generations.

This is our collective challenge and the "Great Work" of our time — a planetary project in which everyone has a unique and vital role to fulfill.  

So, for love of our only Planet: COME, LET US THINK TOGETHER!

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Time to Rethink Human Nature

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