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As the world thinks, so is its state of affairs. QUESTION: Is it satisfactory?

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The global economic-social-political-ecological situation is dire, requiring everyone's creative contributions for recovery and further progress. 

This page, Your Invitation, is a gallery of stirring and sobering — at times convicting — insights for personal reflection, group discussions, and public conversations. The aim, simply, is to engage everyone's creative intelligence in urgently needed actions to:  

  • Resolve the life-threatening crises the world is facing.
  • Build a viable, ecologically-enhancing, humanly-fulfilling global civilization and planetary future that are a tribute to our generation.  

That is our challenge and the"Great Work" of our time — a planetary project in which everyone has a vital and special role to fulfill. 

So, for love of our only Planet: COME, LET US THINK TOGETHER! 

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HOMO CREATIVUS: The Truth about Human Nature

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