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Climate Change. Hunger. Poverty. Pollution. Plastics. Waste. Ocean. Environment. Mass extinction.

What, Without You, Might the World Not: See? Hear? Know?

Mass Creativity. Diversity. Participation. Inclusiveness. Community. Teamwork.Role. selfies.

"Every human being has a work to do, duties to perform, influence to exert, which are peculiarly his, and which no conscience but his can teach."  —William Ellery Channing

Our Crises-Ridden Planet

As the World Thinks, So is Its State of Affairs. QUESTION: Is It Satisfactory?

Climate change. Refugees. Hunger. Migrants. Unemployment. Environmental disaster. Terrorism

The precarious state of our world is a grim and growing concern. An unprecedented combination of mutually reinforcing crises portends the collapse of civilization and threatens the future of the Planet, unless urgent and drastic solutions are found — and within sufficient time. 

Erich Fromm's gloomy but all too prescient observation signifies the dread and apprehension. Fromm's words:

  • "This time, mankind is at one crossroad where the wrong step could be the last step."  

Fromm's observation corroborates the horror that other global analysts variously portray as: 

  • "Apocalypse." 
  • "imminent collapse of civilization."
  • "disintegration of society." 
  • "impending convulsion and chaos." 
  • "breakdown of our cultural patterns." 
  • and so on.

There are even fears that the world is heading for mass extinction.

Daunting and deeply troubling prognoses! 

What is even more troubling, however, is the growing ineffectiveness of traditional solution approaches. Hence, the twin questions:

  • Are the modern crises and the global predicament unsolved because they are too difficult to solve?
  • Or, might it be that we've been tackling the wrong problems?

World's Underlying, Unsuspected, Unnoticed Crisis

Creativity. Climate change. Depression. Suicide prevention. Therapists. Psychology. Mental wellbeing

Contrary to popular belief, the dreadful situation the world is facing is not “economic,” “social,” “political,” or “environmental” crises, per se. Our difficulties are not separate crises, either. And they certainly are not due to “human depravity” or assumed “human propensity to evil.”   

Analysis and synthesis of the insights that are brought together in Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature identify our present difficulties as, fundamentally, a global creativity crisis.

  • This is the inability of the vast majority of people to reach their full potential — inability to recognize, to develop, and to engage one's natural abilities in meaningful and beneficial functions. Resultantly, widespread sense of futility (meaninglessness), of which many psychological, social, economic, and political crises are the symptoms. 

Implications for Global Action

Creative thinking. Mass creativity. Modern crises. Climate change. migrants. Poverty. Hunger. Hate.

To the extent that fundamental misconceptions about human nature and the resultant global creativity crisis are valid, resolving the modern crises and building a viable and sustainable global future require us to: 


In other words: 

  • Give considerable attention to inner development of people as ethically, morally, socially, and ecologically responsible beings: So that everyone recognizes his/her own unique abilities as a global asset, rather than a personal competitive advantage.

What YOU Can Do


Get involved! The possibilities of what you can do to save the world are limitless. Here are ten preliminary suggestions:



  • Blog your personal insights for resolving the modern crises and improving the human and planetary condition.


  • Start, launch, or join critical thinking and creative problem solving discussion groups (local or international) on topical issues of local and global interest.



  • Promote (Follow, Like, Retweet, Share) visionary and useful civilization-building ideas, wherever and whenever you find them. 


  • Conduct Mass Creativity seminars, workshops, retreats, and discussion groups.





  • ACT NOW! While there is still time: Find innovative ways to build inclusive and participatory neighborhoods, classrooms, workplaces, social groups, institutions, and organizations in which everyone is able to maximize and contribute his or her unique abilities for the greater good.

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Global Civic Creativity Campaign

TIME TO RETHINK EVERYTHING: So that Humankind May Thrive and Flourish into the Infinite Future

Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature and Time to Rethink Everything — its global civic creativity campaign offshoot — provide the logical and necessary starting point for the vitally important and urgently needed shift in thinking and actions:

Following are eleven initial elements of the Global Civic Creativity Campaign, just to get you started: 

Join the Campaign!

Join the Campaign!

Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership

Creative Education

Creative Education

Creative Selfhood

Creative Selfhood

Mass Creativity

Mass Creativity

Integral Global Development

Integral Global Development

Rethinking Global Poverty

Rethinking Global Poverty

Creative Parenting

Creative Parenting

Creative Aging

Creative Aging

Creative Work

Creative Work

Time to Rethink Everything


Our Collective Self-Discovery

Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

A Footnote


YOU: Indispensable. Incomparable. Irreplaceable


What You Have is Exactly What the World Needs

Creativity. Diversity. Inclusion. Climate Change. Hunger. Poverty. Pollution.  Plastics in ocean

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