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"... defines the path to creating a global positive future for generations to come." -Cheryl

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A Foundational Resource for Self-Understanding

Creativity. Spirituality. Truth. Self-discovery. Self-actualization. Human Development. Knowledge.

A foundational resource for self-understanding and personal insight, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature provides vital clues to two of life's ultimate questions:

1. Who am I as a person? What are my special:  







2. Why am I here on Earth at this particular time?   

What is the particular purpose of my existence? 

What makes my life really matter? 

What, without me, might the world not see, hear, or know? 

Beyond self-understanding, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature sheds valuable new light on the human condition and points the way out of our present predicament.  

The following is a selection of published and publicly accessible reviews of Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature:  

Readers' Reviews and Comments

  • "At a time when the first faint images of human extinction are emerging in the mirror of planetary nature, Efiong Etuk has supplied humanity with a compendium of profound insights on our potential creativity which literally redefines us all as architects of our own salvation on Earth. Never has the proof of human creative capability been more generously displayed."
    -August Thayer Jaccaci (Foreword to the book).

  • “a truly phenomenal and path-breaking book.”  -Walter

  • “Well thought out and well written. Good Read.”  -John

  • “defines the path to creating a global positive future for generations to come.”  -Cheryl

  • “May well help readers begin the important journey of ‘Know Thyself.’” -Simon

  • "Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature ... is a compelling read. Its theme has a universal appeal. The insights are timeless ... useful and ... helpful for many of us looking for that small change which can bring about a bigger change within ourselves. ...  gives a lot of insights into human nature. ... throws light into our innermost selves ... helps those who are looking to reach their full potential and give the world their best. It is a book worth owning and can be passed down to the next generation."  -Mamta

  • "an excellent read ... masterfully illustrates how imagination and creativity drive human evolution and how we can use these as tools to create a better future."  -Chan

  • "In a world where an alarming number of people believe there is no meaning in their lives, Creativity: Revealing the Truth About Human Nature is an important book. ...  The author believes that cultivating the creativity in humans will lead to the decline of the many psychological, social, economic, and political problems that the world is facing today. ...  This is an inspirational book that everyone should find time to read!"  -Maria  

  • "Outstanding book to help us improve our thought process and understanding to what is happening around us. in everyday life!"  -Nate

  • "I believe everyone should go on a journey to understand their own creativity and I think this book will help you do it. Thank you Efiong for putting together a book on such an important topic."  -Anonymous

  • "One of the best books I have read!!!"  -Sara

  • “a major universal task … a masterful job … thought-provoking ideas to challenge the reader to examine their past and present lives in order to find meaning and purpose that they can use to develop the rest of their lives ... created as a resource book to be returned to over and over. I recommend this to the thinking readers who are seeking to find value, meaning and purpose in their lives, while developing their greatest individual abilities as a creative human being.”  -Alan 

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