Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

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The Logical and Necessary Starting Point for Global Recovery and Revitalization

Most people are alarmed and eager to help resolve the dreadful predicament the world is facing, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of changing such a complex social-economic-political system — because one hardly knows where to begin.

This book, CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature, provides the logical and necessary starting point for the global recovery effort: A shift in the way we think about ourselves and the purpose of our life. 

The crux of CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is our naturally creative and most valuable, but historically overlooked, undervalued, and colossally wasted quality as humans — Homo Creativus. Analysis and synthesis of the insights that are brought together in CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature suggest that many of the psychological, social, economic, political, and ecological difficulties the world is experiencing are, fundamentally, the result of the inability of the vast majority of people to realize and to beneficially engage their natural abilities — their creativity — and, thus, inability to experience their lives as having meaning and significance. 

Sobering and illuminating, CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature sheds valuable new light on the human and planetary condition and points the way out of our present predicament:  

  • At the individual level, the authentic and deeply engaging sense of who we really are and why we live — Homo Creativus — provides the key to genuine success in every facet of human life.
  • At the planetary level, CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature solves vital human fulfillment needs that are key to global recovery and revitalization: a) the spontaneous worldwide awakening of people to their uniqueness and their intrinsic worth as humans — Homo Creativus; and b) universal clamor for identity, authenticity, meaning, and purpose. Together, these two related needs provide the logical and necessary platform for the urgently needed planetary revival: necessary for economic development and social progress; necessary for truly democratic politics and governance; necessary for accurate understanding and successful resolution of our life-threatening crises; and necessary for building a viable, ecologically-enhancing, humanly-fulfilling planetary future. 

Vital Benefits of Reading This Book

Mental Health

A totally new and authentic way of seeing ourselves and the purpose of our life, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature puts you in touch with your innermost being with the real and authentic you — so you can use the resulting personal insight to connect more successfully with family, friends, colleagues, and the natural world. 

Specific benefits of reading Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature are summarized here into:   

  • Personal Benefits   
  • Strategic Benefits    
  • General Outlook on Life.  

Personal Benefits

Personal Psychology


True-life personal companionship on the tortuous but inevitable journey of:

  • Self-discovery / self-understannding
  • Personal development 
  • Career choice that is right for you 


Vital clues and answers to those persisting life questions you inevitably encounter at various stages of your life: 

  • Who am I as a person? 
  • What do I desire most in my life? 
  • What are my special abilities, interests, passions? 
  • What brings me the greatest joy when I do it? 
  • What do I particularly want to contribute to society?  


Timeless wit and practical wisdom for your professional growth and success in handling people-related issues in practically any field of endeavor. 


Inspiration, encouragement, and promptings to (re)connect with your innermost essence; so that you can use the resulting personal insight to build a life that is truly YOU: 

  • Meaningful 
  • Genuinely successful 
  • Deeply fulfilling


Your own blueprint for authentic and successful way of being and living. 

Strategic Benefits

Modern Crises


Authentic and illuminating sense of who we really are as humans, and why we are here on Earth at this particular point in time.  


Fundamentally new perspective on the modern crises and the global predicament. 


Valid context for understanding and effective personal participation in solving the chaos the world is in.  

General Outlook on Life

Paradigm Shift

Authentic, deeper, and fuller understanding of who are really are and why we live.

Critical and enlightened re-assessment of generally accepted conceptions of human nature that are no longer serving us, or the Planet, well.

Better understanding of the fundamental crisis the world is facing and, hopefully, better informed personal participation in their apprehension and resolution.

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Video — CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

 A Totally New and Authentic Way of Seeing Ourselves and the Purpose of Our Life 

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