Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

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Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

Authentic and Valid Sense of Who We Really Are and Why We Live

The Logical and Necessary Starting Point for Global Recovery and Revitalization

Mental Health

A Resource for Personal Alignment


Foundational resource for self-understanding, personal development, and right career choice, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature helps you to:  

  • Discover your true essence — the YOU that social-economic-political systems sometimes tend to overlook, discount, deny, or inhibit.   
  • Re-connect with the most important part of you — with your unique capabilities, as well as your authentic interests, passions, and motivations. 
  • See yourself and your own life in a revealing and illuminating new light. 

Mental Health

Personal Insight


Easy to read and universally accessible, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature provides the personal insight you need to:

  • Build a life and career that are right for you. 

  • Navigate the twists and turns of life with authenticity and resolve.



Mirror to Your Innermost Being


Analogous to your dressing mirror, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature brings you face-to-face with your innermost essence with the real you!  

Stirring and revealing insights speak to you personally, deeply, directly powerfully and conclusively demonstrate:

  • What it really means to be human    
  • What your own life is truly about    
  • What gives your life meaning and  significance.  

Here, essentially, is your blueprint for authentic and genuinely successful way of being and living.

Here, in particular, is life-long awakening to your higher self and your personal sense of worth — life-long awakening to the genius you embody that can serve all of humanity and bring about significant improvement in the planetary condition.  

Overall, here is the ultimate resource to help you better understand and connect with your essential nature and the authentic purpose of your life; and, by that very fact, be able to understand and connect more deeply and more successfully with friends, family, colleagues, and the natural world.

Know Thyself. Creativity. Self Understanding. Self Discovery. Self Development. Depression. Suicide.

The Answer to Life's Persistent Questions

Meaning of life. Education. Science. STEM. Technology

Global Significance

Humankind today faces one fundamental problem fundamental misconception of who we really are and why we exist of which many (probably, most) social, economic, political, and environmental crises are the symptoms, or facets

Resolving the chaos the world is in and building the viable and sustainable planetary future that everyone wishes to see therefore require fundamental rethinking of human nature and the global predicament. 

Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature provides the logical and necessary starting point for the twin goals:    

  • A new and authentic conception of human nature and the real reason why we live.
  • Fundamentally different and valid context for understanding and resolving the chaos the world is experiencing.


The Goal

Mass Creativity. Human Development. Human Potential. Public Policy. Governance. Government.

That we may (re)align our values, policies, decisions, and actions with our quintessentially creative nature and, thus, ensure the relevance and success of those values, policies, decisions, and actions and, ultimately, our economic, social, and psychological well-being!  www/ facebook.login

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HOMO CREATIVUS: The Truth about Human Nature 

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Human Nature: Authenticity