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CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

The Real and Authentic You

Your most important duty to yourself is to know and live your special mission, to find and fulfill your unique purpose in life. The book, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature, is designed to help you attain that goal. 

Analogous to your dressing mirror, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature brings you face-to-face with your innermost being — with the real and authentic you!  

Stirring and revealing insights into the nature of human nature speak to you personally, deeply, directly — powerfully and conclusively demonstrate:  

What it really means to be human.    

What your own life is truly about.    

What gives your life meaning and enduring significance.  

Here, in a reader-friendly handbook, is your guide to becoming the person you are capable of being. 

Here, also, is life-long awakening to the genius you embody that can serve all of humanity and bring about significant improvement in the current state of our world.  

Here, finally, is the ultimate resource to help you better understand and connect with your innermost being; and, using that personal insight, be able to understand and connect more deeply and more successfully with loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, and the natural world. 

Contents of This Page

Creativity. Politics. Public Policy. Governance. Leadership. Management. Teaching. Education

5 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Human Creativity

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

Easy to read and universally accessible, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature clarifies the nature of creativity: 

  • Its naturalness — inherent, universal, and the defining human attribute. 
  • Its primacy among the forces that shape human life. 
  • Ultimately, its fundamental implication in the human condition and the planetary state of affairs. 

Analysis and synthesis of the insights that are brought together in Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature uncover 5 things everyone is well served to know about creativity, if they want their lives to be truly meaningful and genuinely successful. 

In summary, this is the understanding of creativity as:

  1. Natural — who we really are at the core; and why we live.
  2. Inviolable.
  3. Central and predominant life force.
  4. Universal, but unique.
  5. Life's imperative.

These core attributes of creativity are briefly elaborated and illustrated with pertinent insights gleaned from Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature: 

1. Creativity as Natural


  • As we really are, deep down: Homo Creativus.
  • An attribute inherent in human nature.
  • The defining quality that makes us truly human. 
  • The one characteristic that distinguishes us from all other species. 

Illustrative Insights:

  • "the principal quality of being human."
  • "that which sets humans apart from other creatures."
  • "that which is authentically you."
  • "the inner nature of man a quality that is innate in each individual."  
  • "the very thing that defines who and what you are."
  • Several hundreds more.

2. Creativity as Inviolable


  • A quality innate in every human being by virtue of natural law; and that therefore cannot be revoked, denied, or violated. 
  • A right that is not contingent upon age, gender, birth, economic or social status, belief, custom, or culture.

Illustrative Insights: 

  • "a fact of nature which cannot be abolished." 
  • "our ultimate human right."
  • "the divine, eternal, and changeless you."
  • "the intrinsic value and destiny of everyone."
  • "your ultimate freedom as a human being."
  • Several hundreds more. 

3. Creativity as Central in Human Life


  • The primary force that shapes our lives and drives our behavior. 
  • The supreme desire/impulse that drives our actions — whether we know it or not — and that gives each of us reason for living. 
  • The goal, purpose, or value for which one is willing to forego everything and anything else.

Illustrative Insights: 

  • "the dominant necessity of human nature." 
  • "inner urge — the motive energy that impels all our actions."
  • "the single most powerful force shaping our lives."  
  • "the strongest of our value drives, the one drive which ultimately shapes all the rest."
  • "what ultimately human life is all about."  
  • Several hundreds more. 

4. Creativity as Universal, but Unique


  • Who you are at the core. 
  • The human tendency or predisposition to perceive, behave, act, or respond in one's unique way. 
  • What makes me, me; and makes you, you.

Illustrative Insights: 

  • "an inner compass that gives our lives meaning and structure."
  • "man's tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities."
  • "the invisible conductor of the orchestra of life." 
  • "the silent, unconscious, unseen influence of our life." 
  • "what makes us act as we do."
  • Several hundreds more.  

5. Creativity as Life's Imperative


  • That personal inner urge that persistently and irresistibly clamors for fulfillment; and that will not stop its clamor until it is realized.
  • Awareness, development, and meaningful engagement of one's natural abilities as the very essence of life and living — what it really means to be human!  
  • Actualization of one’s potentialities as the grounds of a well-lived life, and of genuine success. 

Illustrative Insights: 

  • "inner compulsion ... something which unless you do it, you don't really feel you are living."
  • "something encoded in your [genes] that you must do, something that is your basic reason for being on the planet."
  • "the images in us that yearn to be born ... the life-force within every individual that is constantly pressing to be developed and expressed."
  • "the nagging hunger for meaning and fulfillment."
  • "the passion that burns inside you and the issues of the world that animate you."
  • "the uniqueness within you that calls to be lived." 
  • Several hundreds more. 


  • Inadequate opportunity for most people to realize their creative potential as the root of the global epidemic of meaninglessness and the resultant social and psychological problems that are ruining the lives of countless millions of people around the world, traumatizing families and national societies, and seriously impoverishing modern civilization.  

Illustrative Insights:

  • "an imagination which must be used and enjoyed in order for man to experience complete fulfillment of life."
  • "categorical desires that give us reasons for living."
  • "higher purpose — a yearning for something greater than money and material possessions."
  • "something for the sake of which to live and even to die."
  • "something inside me which will not permit me to accept the conclusion that life has no meaning."
  • "the law of one's own being. Follow it, and it means fulfillment. Ignore it, and it means disaster."
  • Several hundreds more. 

Implications for Global Action

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Mental Health.  Global development. Critical thinking

Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is two things in one: 

  1. A fundamental and transformative shift in the way we define ourselves.

  2. A call to action to translate the authentic new understanding of human nature into everyday social, economic, political, and business actions. 

Here are five vital actions and, patently, the logical and necessary starting point for planetary recovery and regeneration:



  • Recognize our inherently creative nature as humans (Homo Ceativus) — naturally and primarily driven to develop and to engage one's natural abilities in meaningful, significant, and beneficial functions.   

  • Correspondingly, create, provide, and maintain conditions and opportunities for everyone to reach and to contribute his or her potential. 


  • Rethink the generally accepted belief that economic factors — wealth, consumption, and material well-being — define and shape human life.

  • Correspondingly, recognize human fulfillment and actualization of one's innate potentialities as the goal, the natural purpose, of human life — with economic consumption and material well-being as the means to that end.  


  • Research, develop, teach, promote, support, and/or reward methods of work, systems of values, patterns and operational relationships that enhance and beneficially engage everyone's finest and most important attribute — their creativeness.  

  • Correspondingly, recognize and accept inner development of people as the basis of everything we do — the mindset behind every public policy, every business decision, every social action.


  • Join and take active part in the universally accessible and easy-to-implement campaign to return humanity to our authentic, inherently creative nature.      


  • Ultimately, recognize and protect "The Right to Be Creative" in existing and all future charters of humanity — the right to everyone's natural and defining attribute as human; and, therefore, fundamental and inalienable.

What YOU Can Do


Get Involved!

Visit Call to Action. Notice the alarming state of our world. See the many useful and deeply rewarding things and ways in which YOU can help to: 

For genuine and lasting personal success, as well as for your own personal fulfillment: 


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What Readers Are Saying


  • "Never has the proof of human creative capability been more generously displayed." - Jaccaci (Foreword to the book). 

  • "a truly phenomenal and path-breaking book." -Walter

  • “Well thought out and well written. Good Read.” -John

  • “defines the path to creating a global positive future for generations to come.” -Cheryl

  • “May well help readers begin the important journey of ‘Know Thyself’.” -Simon

  • "Thank you Efiong for putting together a book on such an important topic." -Anonymous

  • “a major universal task … a masterful job … created as a resource book to be returned to over and over. ” -Alan

  • "one of the best books I have read!!!" -Sara  

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