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Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature. Truth. Human Development. Student Success.

CREATIVITY: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

The Real and Authentic You

Analogous to your dressing mirror, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature brings you face-to-face with your innermost being — with the real and authentic you!  

Stirring and revealing insights into the nature of human nature speak to you personally, deeply, directly — powerfully and conclusively demonstrate:  

  • What it really means to be human.    
  • What your own life is truly about.    
  • What gives your life meaning and significance.  

Here, essentially, is your blueprint for authentic and genuinely successful life and living. 

Here, also, is life-long awakening to the genius you embody that can serve all of humanity and bring about significant improvement in the planetary condition.  

Here, finally, is the ultimate resource to help you understand and connect with your innermost self; and, by that very fact, be able to understand and connect more deeply and more successfully with loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, and the natural world.  

Contents of This Page

Creativity. Politics. Public Policy. Governance. Leadership. Management. Teaching. Education
Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

1: Our Inherently Creative Nature that Needs to Be Recognized, Developed, Engaged

Easy to read and universally accessible, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature highlights five fundamental, but generally overlooked, principles of human life and existence:     

  • The naturalness of creativity — the defining quality that makes us truly human, and that also distinguishes us from all other species. The naturalness of creativity — its inherence in human nature — also establishes its universal distribution.
  • The inviolability of creativity — a quality innate in every human being by virtue of natural law, and that therefore cannot be taken away, denied, or violated;  a right that is not contingent upon age, gender, birth, economic status, tradition, belief, culture, politics, or custom.
  • The centrality of creativity in human life its primacy among the forces that drive human behavior and shape human life.
  • Actualization of one’s creative potential as: a) "the primary goal of life"; b) "the highest expression of  human nature"; and c) "the healthiest and happiest state of being."

  • Inadequate opportunity for most people to reach their full potential as the root of the global epidemic of meaninglessness and the resultant social and psychological problems that are ruining the lives and destinies of countless millions of people around the world, traumatizing families and societies, and seriously impoverishing modern civilization.  

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

2: Colossal Waste of Human Potential that Needs to Be Halted, Reversed

Seven billion “locked treasure chests” are a terrible waste the world can no longer afford, ignore, or condone! 

The obvious referent here is the colossal and needless waste of human potential and creativity that has gone on for too long; and that seems to be growing worse over time. For further elaboration of the waste, visit "Why This Book."

Global Civic Creativity Campaign the call-to-action offshoot of Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is designed to mobilize and engage the creative intelligence of the general population in a global talent salvage and recovery, as well as in resolving the crises the world is facing.

There are two related sides to the campaign: 

  • The One Side:  
    Highlight the patterns, conditions, and circumstances — forces both within and outside ourselves — that tend to: i) diminish us as humans; ii) limit our ability to do the things that each of us is uniquely gifted to do; and iii) prevent us from recognizing and fulfilling our unique potentialities.  

  • The Other Side:  
    Engage all people in sectoral and professional conversations on ways to: a) halt/reverse the tragic waste of human potential; and b) recognize and make the most of everyone's natural abilities.  

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

3: World's Underlying but Unnoticed, Unsuspected Crisis that Needs to Be Frontally Addressed

Conventional wisdom regards the world's life-threatening difficulties as separate and distinct crises:  

  • “economic crisis” 
  • “social crisis” 
  • “political crisis"
  • “environmental crisis"  
  • "religious crisis" 
  • etc.

Critical examination of the insights that are brought together in Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature suggests that our present predicament are, fundamentally, a Creativity Crisis:

  • This is the inability of the vast majority of people to reach their potential, to become their real, authentic selves — inability to recognize, to develop, and to engage one's natural abilities in meaningful and beneficial functions — and, resultantly, widespread sense of futility (meaninglessness), of which many (probably most) psychological, social, economic, political, and ecological crises are the symptoms.  

To the extent that this conclusion  Creativity Crisis is valid, the logical and necessary starting point for resolving the modern crises is to set right the way we define ourselves and the purpose of our life. This is probably what the great thinker, E. F. Schumacher, implies in one of his insightful observations (slightly elaborated): 

  • "We are suffering from a metaphysical disease [fundamental misconceptions of human nature], and the cure must therefore be metaphysical [authentic and valid sense of who we really are and why we live]."

Creativity. Human Development. Purpose. Meaning. Therapy. Psychology.Depression. Suicide Prevention.

4: Higher-Order Human Needs that Clamor for Satisfaction, or Fulfillment

Analysis and synthesis of the insights that are brought together in Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature lay foundation for meeting higher-order human and planetary needs that, ever more stridently, "clamor" for satisfaction. These are: 

  • The spontaneous awakening of people, worldwide, to their inherent worth as humans.  
  • Increasing cross-cultural, cross-gender, cross-generational sensitivity to higher-order human needs: identity. Meaning. Authenticity. Purpose.
  • The resonance of Homo Creativus with the way people deeply feel about themselves: Personal sense of one's uniqueness, with special work to do, role to fulfill, contribution to make.  

Creativity. Public Policy. Governance. Law and order. Economic Development. Evaluation. Progress.

5: Logical and Coherent Framework for Understanding and Resolving the Modern Crises

Analysis and synthesis of the insights that are brought together in Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature uncover the logical and coherent framework for understanding and resolving the chaos the world is in:

Homo Creativus — humans as nature made us and our quintessentially creative nature — provides the logical basis in terms of which every policy, every decision, and every human action needs to be established, if it is to genuinely succeed and endure.  


The naturalness and validity of Homo Creativus further provide a frameworkindeed the foundation for building the much desired viable, ecologically-enhancing, humanly fulfilling planetary future. 

Creativity. Psychology. Psychiatry. Therapy. Depression. Suicide Prevention. Mental Health. Suicide.

Implications for Global Actions

Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is, essentially, a call to worldwide actions to: 

  • Set right the way we define ourselves and the purpose of our life.

  • Reclaim our quintessentially creative, but historically overlooked, nature.
  • Mobilize and engage the creative intelligence of all people in the “Great Work” of resolving the challenges the world is facing, and of building a viable, sustainable, and humanly fulfilling global civilization.

To these ends, the new and revealing understanding of human nature suggests five crucial and related actions:   


  • Recognize our inherently creative nature as humans (Homo Ceativus) — naturally and primarily driven to develop and to engage one's natural abilities in meaningful, significant, and beneficial functions.   

  • Correspondingly, recognize potential-actualization and human fulfillment as the basis of everything we do, the mindset behind every policy, every decision, every action.


  • Recognize human fulfillment and actualization of one's innate potential as the end, the goal, the natural purpose of human life — with economic consumption and material well-being as the means to that end.  
  • Correspondingly, rethink the long-held belief that economic factors — wealth, consumption, and material well-being — define, shape, or determine human life.


  • Research, develop, teach, promote, support, and/or reward methods of work, systems of values, patterns and operational relationships that enhance and beneficially engage people's finest and most important human attribute — their creativeness.  


  • Join and take active part in the comprehensive, universally accessible, and easy-to-implement campaign to: a) return humanity to the proper understanding of our inherently creative nature — Homo Creativus; and b) implement Homo Creativus in every facet of human life and society — parenting, education, leadership, management, economy, politics, care giving, social organization, and more.      


What YOU Can Do

Call to Action

Visit Call to Action. Notice the alarming state of our world. See the many useful and deeply rewarding things and ways in which YOU can help to: 

  • Solve the mess the world is in.

  • Shape the viable, ecologically enhancing, humanly fulfilling planetary future that we all wish to see.
  • Nurture and make the most of your natural abilities for the greater good.

  • Share, teach, discuss the truth about human nature. Help the people with whom you live and work to better understand and connect with who they really are and why they are here on Earth at this particular time.

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Human Nature

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  • “a major universal task … a masterful job … created as a resource book to be returned to over and over ” -Alan

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HOMO CREATIVUS: The Truth about Human Nature 

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Modern crises. Climate Change. Migrant Crisis. Refugees. Poverty. Hunger. Education. Health.

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